Maude Standish

  • The Mating Rituals of the Renaissance Pleasure Fair

    In many ways the fair is an elaborate mating ritual complete with pregaming, peacocking, and corsets. Inhibitions dissipate, marriages open up, and mistakes are made. But don’t worry, what happens at the faire is between you and your god, and as the...

  • Sugar Weasel, the One and Only Clown Escort

    "My clientele is extremely diverse: recent divorcées, bachelorettes, punk rock chicks, and married women looking to fuck a grown man in make-up who acts mentally retarded. Chicago girls like me to put pickles and onions on my dick, but other than that...

  • Alien Encounters of the Lunar Year Kind

    The idea was to go out into the darkness and try to communicate with extraterrestrials using a combination of meditation and police radars.

  • Turkey Hunting on a Weed Farm

    We packed the ATVs with layman's hunting gear--half a bottle of whiskey, a Winchester, and a 12-pack--and sped off to find our prey.