Meghan Murphy

  • Canada’s New Prostitution Bill Is Far from Perfect

    The federal government just released bill C-36: the latest response in the battle to legalize sex work. Unfortunately, some sex work advocates believe the door is still left open to criminalize the most vulnerable.

  • Renovictions on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Aren’t Stopping Anytime Soon

    The York Rooms, a longstanding SRO in the downtown eastside of Vancouver, were recently renovated, and promptly reopened at nearly double the original rent. Now longtime DTES residents are railing against "renovictions"—a process by which landlords...

  • Seventy Years Later, Japan Is Still Denying Systematic Sexual Slavery in WWII

    During WWII, approximately 200,000 Chinese women and girls were kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military. Seventy years later, Japan still refuses to acknowledge their involvement. A newly released book featuring direct stories...

  • Prostitution by Any Other Name Is Still Exploitation

    Despite the politically correct movement to effectively rebrand prostitution as "sex work" and to decriminalize prostitution as a whole, many who have dealt with the abuses of the industry wouldn't help the women who get exploited and trafficked.