Michael Twitty

  • Ole Missus vs. Mammy: Who Owns Southern Food?

    A response to Cynthia Bertelsen's “Edna Lewis and the Mythology Behind Modern Southern Food.”

  • Kitchen Pepper Recipe

    Used sparingly (or not, you do you), this simple spice blend will take your meal from "meh" to "FUCK YES."

  • Okra and Tomatoes Recipe

    The secret ingredient to take this simple side to the next level? Michael Twitty's kitchen pepper blend.

  • Fresh Carolina Cucumber Salad Recipe

    Salting and marinating cucumber adds loads of flavor while retaining some of their crunch.

  • A People's History of Cornbread Stuffing

    If it’s Southern and it predates Civil War, it means we’re talking about slavery. The fact is that enslaved people’s hands crafted the most popular American stuffing out of old cornbread.

  • Cornbread Kush Recipe

    The precursor to modern cornbread stuffing was developed by enslaved African people out of leftovers and transformed over the years into the Thanksgiving staple we know today.