Moe Bishop

  • Punk Families Are Boring

    Have you ever wished that a middle-aged white man from the Orange County suburbs was sitting next to you on a plane, telling you how much he loves his kids and showing you snapshots and home movies on his iPad? You haven’t? Then 'The Other F Word' is...

  • Free Puppy

    Skinny Puppy’s reunion tour in 2004 was a big production. Founders Nivek Ogre and cEvin Key were properly outraged by the war in Iraq, and The Greater Wrong of the Right, the band’s first new album in eight years, was an anti-Bush polemic. The stage...

  • Keep Your Feelings Out of Industrial, Pansy

    Reviewing Ministry’s 'The Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Taste' in 1989, Robert Christgau wrote that industrial is “objective; it doesn’t imply a subject.” That pronouncement made sense until NIN came along and spread their boring narcissism all over...

  • Mitt Romney Loves the Killers

    Willard “Mitt” Romney’s Spotify playlist, released in March, consists entirely of country songs and old rock ’n’ roll, with two exceptions. One is Kid Rock’s straightforward country-rock celebration of his own indomitable spirit, “Born Free," and the...

  • The Sensitive Family

    Former Cro-Mags bassist Harley Flanagan allegedly stabbed two of the Cro-Mags crew at Webster Hall last week. Current bassist Michael “The Gook” Couls took a knife in the arm and stomach (or chest, according to some reports), and someone named William...

  • Welcome to the Bunghole

    We must fart long and loud in the faces of those who proclaim "Appetite for Destruction" a classic.

  • Balancing the Books

    Until some genius re-figures out how to sell music, looks like the best option is getting raped.

  • SPK: From Disease to Disco

    Time was, if you wanted to get onstage half-naked and bang a piece of sheet metal against an oilcan while screaming into a six-foot column of fire, you were expected to give a reason for doing so.

  • Nationalize the Music Industry

    Shortly after the liquidation of corporate entities, you and your buddies can set up a cooperative in the famous tower at Hollywood and Vine and broadcast Burzum 24/7.

  • In Praise of Laibach

    Against the boring sadnesses, cheap epiphanies, and impotent boasts of contemporary pop, Laibach poses real values: military discipline, God, and the state.

  • Why Is Coachella Repeating Itself?

    Knowing that the festival will be repeated, note for note, step for step, makes its mechanical cynicism too transparent.

  • Fun. Is No Fun

    I will endorse this band when it changes its name to “job.”