Monique Jaques

  • Meet the David Blaines of Turkish Ice Cream

    The dondurma vendors of Istanbul don't fuck around with their ice cream showmanship. If you want a cone, you'll have to endure a seamless magic act with ice cream strong enough to be cut with a chainsaw.

  • Losers Turn into Lunch at the Camel Wrestling Competition

    At the 33rd annual Camel Wrestling Competition in Selcuk, Turkey, the man behind the grill indicates what happens to the losing camels by slowly drawing his finger across his neck and saying "Bitmiş," which is Turkish for finished.

  • Jackfruit and Spicy Meat Are a Match Made in Java

    If you ever have ever craved a heavy, sweet fruit paired with a spicy tough meat, Nasi Gudeg is the dish for you. Hailing from from Yogakarta, a city in the center of Java, it's the comfort dish that Indonesians adore.

  • How to Fish on an Exploding Lake

    Straddling the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lake Kivu is full of small sardines prized by local fishermen. It's also loaded with dissolved carbon dioxide and methane, which have the potential to explode.