Olive Hoover

  • Robert Mugabe Won the Zimbabwe Elections, Again

    The list of rigging tactics seems to be endless, and Tsvangirai has compiled a pretty strong case, which he is preparing to take to court to fight for a re-election. His doubts about Mugabe's "win" are shared by many members of the international and...

  • Zimbabwe Has Its Own Anti-Mugabe Whistleblower

    A taste for whistleblowing, recently reignited by Edward Snowden, has spread down to the bottom of Africa into the corrupt corners of Zimbabwe. With less than two weeks to go until the nation attempts to topple Robert Mugabe from a 33-year rule of...

  • How the Hell Did Zimbabwe End Up with Just $217 in the Bank?

    I once found $200 on the floor of a gas station. If I'd known that made me richer than a country, I wouldn't have been so bummed about having to spend it all on tax debts.

  • Shouldn't Robert Mugabe Be Dead Already?

    The country is tired of waiting for its devil to die.