Peter Schwartzstein

  • Beer and Loathing in Post-Muslim Brotherhood Cairo

    Businesses are still hurting, and possible tax hikes on alcohol to plug Egypt’s strained public finances might mean more pain, but this country's alcohol industry has been here before.

  • Life as a Muslim Brotherhood Supporter in Egypt

    Most of the time Faisal forgets he has shotgun pellets lodged in his head. They sometimes throb when he plays soccer and occasionally keep him up at night, but only now, with a new fear of infection setting in, does he worry about his inability to seek...

  • The Dying Art of Belly Dancing in Conservative Egypt

    “Nobody [in Egypt] sees this as an acceptable profession. It’s degrading for them. They go into it for the same reasons as a woman in the US goes into prostitution,” said Luna, an American dancer and Harvard graduate who originally moved to Cairo to...