Steven Weissman

  • Appetite for Delicatessen - 'Dang It, Duff'

    The boys from G 'n' R are running Canter's Deli and they are disgusting.

  • Kanye's Wishlist

    Kim finds out about Yeezy's crippling online shopping addiction.

  • Honeycomb Rabbits - Warren of Snares

    It's like 'Watership Down' but all the bunnies forgot they took acid.

  • American Exceptional

    Kanye, Kimm, and North West are all celebrating Easter—but what is going on inside Kanye's heart?

  • Honeycomb Rabbits

    Today, Steve Weissman has made a comic based on a half-remembered scene from "Watership Down." This time the bunnies are also high.

  • Appetite for Delicatessen

    What would it be like if Guns 'n' Roses did more than just hang out at Canter's? What if they actually ran it themselves? Steve Weissman thinks it would be like this.