Thessaly  La Force

Thessaly La Force

  • 'Wintering,' by Thessaly La Force

    "Men are a game for you. They have always been a game for you," Cynthia said. "One day you'll actually meet someone and fall in love and, God, who knows who it will be, but you won't be able to figure it out."

  • I Can't Stop Watching 'Casino' and Thinking About Its Clothes

    Sharon Stone slinks on screen with her athletic sensuousness. She’s greedy, insecure, and aware of the power behind her sexuality, which knocks men senseless. When Ace (Robert De Niro) makes her his wife, he offers her everything he can imagine will...

  • A Teacher and Her Student

    Marilynne Robinson was my fourth and final workshop instructor at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. After receiving my MFA this May, I left Iowa believing that there's no good way to be taught how to write, to tell a story. But there is also no denying that...