Theydon Bois

  • Electric Independence: A Decade of VICE in the Rave

    A raver's half-remembered recollections.

  • Documented Mind- Wandering

    Tickley Feather is the nom de plume of a 29-year-old woman named Annie Sachs. She lives with her four-year-old son, Aiden, out in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When she has some time off from doing motherly stuff, she writes and sings these...

  • I Was A Teenage Superstar

    Robyn Carlsson wrote her first songs aged 11 about her parents' divorce and being a girl and liking boys and stuff llke that. By the time she was 16 she was a Swedish pop sensation. Her 1997 smash hit "Show Me Love", produced by Max Martin, the...

  • Electric Independence

    Hallelujah. After 11 years of stalking the fringes, one of the country's leading independent labels, DC Recordings, has finally got round to releasing its first compilation.

  • Stand And Deliver

    We hate to say we told you so, but if you haven’t seen Man Like Me perform somewhere by the end of the summer then you can’t really call it a summer.

  • More Crunk Please

    Metronomy is a guy called Joe Mount who, if we all hold hands and believe hard enough, could turn out to be Britain’s answer to that chubby guy from the DFA and LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy.

  • Bear Necessities

    Music that sounds like the Cocteau Twins, Radiohead, Shostakovich, and Aphex Twin all wrapped up in cotton wool soaked with Soviet sadness and a lot of hope.

  • Bound Forever

    Fruity New York warbler Antony has the craziest voice you'll ever hear.

  • I Heart Me

    When VICE first witnessed the Luke Eargoggle electro love explosion at a packed party in an Antwerp squat last summer, we thought we'd died and gone to some celestial rave where the girls can't stop smiling and everyone wears flowers in their...

  • Exploding Milkshakes

    Andy Jenkinson discusses Acid, skiing and Chelmsford Wimpy.

  • Perfume Pirates

    One South London high street at a time.

  • Music For Girls

    Luciano’s music is so special that it’ll come to you in the end. Trust us.