Thomas Drance

  • George Stroumboulopoulos Isn't Going to Make Hockey "Urban" or "Hip"

    Stroumboulopoulos has left his prized talk show on the CBC to host Hockey Night in Canada for Rogers, leaving a massive gap in the public broadcaster's line-up while confusing hockey junkies nationwide.

  • Ottawa Senators Fans Are Good Buddhists

    According to Buddhist teachings, life becomes so much more rewarding—or at least that you can end your existential suffering—when you abandon expectations. Letting go of expectations frees you, in some ways, from the struggle and disappointments in...

  • Which Hockey Team Will End Canada’s Stanley Cup Drought?

    A Canadian team hasn't won the Stanley Cup in twenty years. When's that gonna change? Who has the best chance? Angry Hockey Nerd (the rageman who correctly predicted the Leafs loss) speculates for us.

  • The Leafs Are Overachievers

    Despite saying the Bruins would win this series easily, Angry Hockey Nerd is back with his foot in his mouth.

  • No Embellishment: Canucks Fandom Sucks

    It wasn’t long ago that the Vancouver Canucks steamrolled the entire league on route to a President’s Trophy and the Stanley Cup Finals. The team fell a game short, the city briefly burned, and things haven’t quite been the same since.

  • The Bruins Will Beat the Leafs Because They’re Better

    It's really not about who's tougher, it's about who's better. And the Bruins are better.

  • The 2013 Jerkpuck All Star Team

    Jerkpuck: a traditional art within the game of hockey dedicated to trolling, diving, and inciting penalties. Our very own Angry Hockey Nerd has selected his Jerkpuck dream team and is here to share it with you.

  • Nazem Kadri Isn’t Wayne Gretzky

    Canadian hockey fans, many of whom are sports fans of a particularly obsessive variety, get more excited by young talent than Jack Nicholson. Most of the time it’s equally creepy too.

  • Brendan Shanahan Sucks at Disciplining the NHL

    Brendan Shanahan's flip-floppy management of the NHL's suspensions has been embarrassing, but to be fair he's not the only one to blame.

  • Why Was the Media So Excited to Falsely Out a Montreal Canadien?

    Josh Gorges, a Montreal Canadiens defenseman, was wrongfully outed by a ton of online media after he was accused of being gay. Why do we care so much? And what's with the rush to publicly out an athlete?

  • The Calgary Flames Have a Crappy Understanding of the NHL’s Crappy Rules

    The vague and crazy rules of the NHL are completely lost on the Calgary Flames, and that's evident with the recent and poorly handled Ryan O'Reilly deal.

  • Why is Hockey Resistant to Technology?

    WIth iPads being introduced to the game to increase shootout efficiency, our very own Angry Hockey Nerd looks at the increasingly Luddite-esque reaction of the game's biggest dummies.