Tim Pool

  • Driving Ferraris with Thai Royalists

    As the conflict in Thailand intensifies, VICE News goes deep into the lives of the rich and powerful royalists of Bangkok, who are fighting to keep the old order from crumbling.

  • Election Day in Turkey: Ballots, Watchdogs, and Fraud

    VICE News went to Istanbul to check out polling stations and the city's main election center. They found a largely analog election process, vulnerable to all kinds of voter fraud—citizen watchdog groups are the only line of defense against widespread...

  • Live From Bangkok

    Tim Pool Streamed Thailand's Election-Day Blockade

  • Tensions Rise as Protesters Disrupt Thailand's Elections

    The administration of Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has faced protests since October 2013. The protesters claim the administration has bought votes, and these activists have vowed to disrupt today's elections.

  • Turkey

    Journalist Tim Pool recently joined the VICE editorial staff to cover breaking news, and his first assignment was to fly down to Istanbul and produce a live stream of the...

  • Kim Dotcom: The Man Behind Mega

    In October 2013, VICE News was invited to visit the infamous tech mogul and creator of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, at his palatial property in New Zealand.

  • Terminal Insecurity

    The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is supposed to prevent passengers from slipping anything that could be used as a weapon past its multiple layers of security personnel, scanning devices, and explosive-detecting swabs.

  • Ukraine Rising

    After an initial brutal police crackdown, the number of Ukrainian protesters have grown in size and are now more about toppling the government and putting an end to corruption than joining the European Union.

  • Live Streaming the Ukrainian Revolt

    Live coverage of the revolt in the Ukraine with reporter Tim Pool.

  • Live Streaming the Ukrainian Revolt

    VICE's Tim Pool is on the ground in Kiev livestreaming the increasingly violent revolt in the Ukraine that began after the country's president refused to sign a deal that would bring it closer to full EU membership.

  • Ukraine Rising

    For three weeks, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian protesters have been flooding the streets of Kiev. Initially, the demonstrators were expressing discontent at President Viktor Yanukovych's decision to pull out of a deal that would bring Ukraine...

  • Ukraine Rising - Trailer

    For three weeks, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian protesters have been flooding the streets of Kiev, occupying government buildings and taking over the city's Independence Square.