Toby Sprigings

  • Do Real Madrid Have the Worst Fans in Football? | CA | Translation

    They've booed Bale, they've booed Ancelotti, they've even booed Ronaldo. Will Real Madrid's fans ever be satisfied?

  • The Cult: Roger Federer

    Our society has lost all perspective when it comes to the importance we place on athletes. But with Roger Federer and his godlike tennis, perhaps we're not far off.

  • The Cult: OJ Simpson

    The Cult returns for 2017 with a man who once ranked among America's most popular sportsmen, but went on to become a full-blown national scandal.

  • The Cult: Michael Vick

    This week's inductee to The Cult was an NFL superstar whose career was halted – but not ended – by a gruesome discovery in the woods behind his home.

  • The Cult: Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo cannot countenance being second, and will not tolerate a modicum of failure. As such, he's exactly the sort of character who belongs in The Cult.

  • The Cult: Goran Ivanisevic

    Goran Ivanisevic was almost too human to succeed in tennis. But, after years of near misses, the Croatian became Wimbledon champion in 2001. That's why he belongs in The Cult.

  • The Cult: Alan Shearer

    Our latest inductee to The Cult is an England goalscoring legend who was never more alive than during that sun-drenched summer of '96. Say what you like about Big Al, he knew how to bang.

  • Game Changers: Greece's Underdog Victory at Euro 2004

    The Greek team of 2004 was full of guys who recognised each other from the many levels before you step out for the senior team, who inhabited the same neighbourhoods and lived the same defeats and triumphs. That summer it all fitted together perfectly.

  • The Cult: Fernando Torres

    Ahead of Euro 2016 we're ushering four international football stars into The Cult. First up it's Spanish goalscoring conundrum Fernando Torres.

  • ​Miracle in the Midlands: How Northampton Town Caught Shaq's Attention

    Back from the brink of extinction, League Two side Northampton Town have enjoyed an incredible season that saw them become the first club in the Football League to clinch their title – and the only one to catch the attention of Shaquille O'Neal.

  • The Cult: Dennis Bergkamp

    A legend for club and country, Dennis Bergkamp seemed capable of manipulating both time and space with effortless cool. The Dutchman is our latest inductee to The Cult.

  • The Cult: Michael Owen

    Once the brightest young hope in English football, now a pundit and expert in stating the obvious. Guess you should join The Cult, Michael Owen.