Tom Adams

  • Caramel Chicken Thighs Recipe

    What could be better than tender chicken thighs with crispy skin, glazed with a spicy chipotle-ginger caramel sauce? This recipe will make plenty of caramel, so there will be some left over for the next time around.

  • Screw the Puritans and Eat More Mince Pies

    Supermarket pies are the bearers of gloom rather than culinary joy. Don’t buy your pies—make them yourself, because it ain’t that hard. And the classic mince pie, frowned upon by the Puritans, is as good a place to start as any.

  • Mince Pies

    The Puritans hated mince pie. Too bad, because these are damn easy to make and damn good, too.

  • Hairy, Feral Pigs Produce the Most Delicious Meat

    I became a bit of a pig geek a few years ago and fell in love with Mangalitsas—the hairy, semi-feral kind that are tough as nails and produce red meat similar to beef. After I built them a woodland "pigtopia," I quickly realized that they're the most...