• Forget 15 Minutes of Fame, Here's 15 GIFs Dedicated to Andy Warhol

    For the month of November, digital art gallery 15 Folds curated a collection of GIFs dedicated to Andy Warhol's favorite subject—FAME.

  • Nimrod at the Venice Film Festival - Part 1

    Master troll Nimrod Kamer heads to the Venice Film Festival and messes with Willem Dafoe, Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Weinstein, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Nimrod has pledged to spend the rest of his life living off PR gift bags and journalist treats, all...

  • Nimrod Trolls J.K. Rowling

    VICE's resident trolling mastermind Nimrod Kamer messes with J.K. Rowling at her own book signing.

  • How I Tried to Sell Obama's Fake Kenyan Birth Video

    Since I am a creationist (I created Barack Obama Jr.) and a naturalist, I took my evidence of Obama's Kenyan birth straight to heavy duty teabag birthers like Donald Trump's special counsel Michael Cohen, and 2012 presidential nominee Jeff Boss (who...

  • How I Faked Obama's Kenyan Birth

    I am Nimrod Kamer, aka Peter Rehnquist, the creator of the "real" 'Obama Kenya Birth 2012' film. I am happy to present to you the behind-the-scenes making-of footage of the birthing-video hoax.

  • Is This Obama’s Kenyan Birth Video?

    Yesterday afternoon, an anonymous source known only as “Peter R.” reached out to VICE with claims that he had in his possession a video of President Barack Obama’s birth. Peter said that the footage was shot at a hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, on August...

  • Messing with the Sartorialist

    VICE's resident gadfly Nimrod Kamer went to London to mess with the Sartorialist, aka fashion blogger Scott Schuman. For some reason, Scott wasn't so psyched about the idea of Nimrod following him home after his book signing. Fashion people are the...

  • Will You Feed Your Children My Packing Tape?

    Some people have turned to chewing on adhesive tape rather than gum. Because what's the difference, really? So, I decided to call schools and parents and responsibly option them specially priced, ready-to-eat tape.

  • Nimrod Visits Downton Abbey

    Our misunderstood British friend visits the Season 3 press conference for 'Downton Abbey' to find out why there aren't any black or Asian people on the show. A woman we're pretty sure was Shirley MacLaine tells him that he asked the show's creators the...

  • We Told Some Italian Men That They Don't Have Any Balls

    A law was recently passed in Italy's highest court that outlaws citizens from accusing Italian men of having no balls. If you're caught flouting the new law, you can be taken to court and punished with a fine and, presumably, an overbearing sense of...

  • Nimrod in Cannes - Part 3

    Nimrod's final attempts at winning the hearts, minds, and vaginas of the rich and famous.

  • Nimrod in Cannes

    Making famous friends with an empty heart and lots of blank checks.