• You Can Make Pie Out of Almost Anything

    I barely have time to celebrate Thanksgiving on the actual date because my sister and I are too busy making thousands of pies for other people. But the secret to this day of thanks is the leftovers, which are destined to be made into pie, too.

  • I Went Duck Hunting with Dutch Aristocrats

    Only two percent of the Dutch population hunts. Americans call hunting a sport, but Dutch hunters will go to great lengths to make sure nobody interprets what they do as pleasurable—even though they love it.

  • MUNCHIES Presents: The Roadkill Connoisseur

    Whether it's beaver or pheasant, squirrel or penguin, roadkill connoisseur Alison Brierly has probably eaten it. She shows us how to use the bounties of the highway to make Southern-fried squirrel and squirrel pot stickers.