• Inter-Exo

    They’ve had general education on the body, the way sex works for normal people. But they're not normal people.

  • Re-Homing

    ​We wanted to get a child but it wasn’t in our budget. So we looked online—Bill chose an adorable girl with pigtails and expensive looking eyes. It’s exciting, getting a remaindered child.

  • Faster Now

    Some decades ago, neuroscientists discovered that the moment of nowness is actually a composite of everything we've experienced in the past fifteen seconds. Naturally, somebody decided to hack this. Thus were born the now-tweakers.

  • Disconnect

    You know I love you, and that I have no prejudices against cutting-edge technology. But, I just—I need you as a person. Not as a machine.

  • King Tide

    Some particular trick of the moon, the weather, and the Earth's closeness to the sun had pulled the tide all the way to 5th Avenue, a good half-block further uphill than usual.

  • ​Huxleyed Into the Full Orwell

    The First Amendment Area was a good 800 yards from the courthouse, an imposing cage of chicken-wire and dangling zip-cuffs.