Volume 15 Issue 12

  • Upwards And Onwards

    Edwyn Collins is that cool Scottish guy who was the singer in Orange Juice. They were one of the best and most original British pop bands ever.

  • How to Look Amazing in Photographs

    Another up-and-comer, Amanda sent us something that can’t be translated into our non-English editions because it’s an extended riff on the pronunciation of the word “douche.”

  • Six Stories

    Gangemi is the author of The Volcanoes From Puebla, a criminally underappreciated title that critics like to label “transfiction” when really it’s just a damn good book.

  • First They Came for the Ceos

    Lisa Carver is the creator of Rollerderby, which, according to a poll we just conducted of the Vice editorial staff, remains to this day the single greatest zine ever made.

  • Goodbye

    Simon Crump was born in Leicestershire. After crawling out of the middle of the Midlands he found himself being an internationally exhibited artist and lecturing in fine art and photography.

  • First Novel

    How can I describe how it felt to complete my first novel? For me, the moment was a medley of emotion: relief, pride, closure. And sorrow. I was going to miss my quirky band of characters, all their pratfalls and gambling debts and incorrectly made...

  • Distance to Galactic Center

    Gus Visco is a Bronx-based writer. He is currently working on a historical fiction novel about the Soviet Union’s failed attempts to control the arctic psychics of Novaya Zemlya.

  • A Conversation With the Porn Rangers

    I put my headphones on and began to watch a hirsute man, probably early 40s, receive oral sex from a thin-lipped woman of commensurate age. The byline in block letters read, “BJ From the Wife.”

  • Wild America

    Wells has written for Harper’s, the New Yorker, the Washington Post Magazine, and many more.

  • Written in the Writing

    Sheila Lowe has been analyzing handwriting for over 40 years. She looks at one scribbled line and can tell you all kinds of secret stuff about yourself. It’s scary.

  • Candy-Coated

    CM3 (as he likes to be called, which is kind of dumb) is one of the top “weirdos” in the “bizarro” fiction “world.”

  • Obscenity, Who Really Cares? John Calder Keeps on Keeping on

    It’s telling that Calder decided to name the company after himself as his endearing willfulness made him one of the most litigated-against publishers of the mid-20th century.