Volume 15 Issue 7

  • Rennie Ellis: 1940 - 2003

    Without even a smidge of formal training, Rennie Ellis became the prime documentarian of Australian culture in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. He's like Australia's version of Stephen Shore, Larry Clark, and Nan Goldin all mushed up into one big, awesome...

  • Walter Pfeiffer

    Walter Pfeiffer has been chasing beauty for almost 40 years now, making pictures that are as much a product of his obsessions as of his precision.

  • Richard Kern

  • Records

    Facial Reviews by Randy.

  • Norwegians At Home

    You may think that these Scandinavians are just a bunch of weird hillbillies, but these fuckers have got some excellent interior and home design going.

  • Photos By Luke Stephenson

    "These photographs are some of my favorite Polaroids that I have taken over the last two years of friends, family, and random people I've met."

  • Estonia Today

    When was the last time you even thought about Estonia? Guess what? It's a place. People live there and do things. Here are some of them. See? Now stop not ever thinking about what might be going on in Estonia.

  • Photos By Naomi Fisher

    Naomi is an artist who lives and works in Miami, Florida.

  • Riddles

    Photos by Scott Jackson, Andrew Hines, Asen Ognyanov, Alan MacIntyre, Jason Nocito, Oto Gillen, Dana Lavoie, Robert Snowden, Jacques Del Conte, Rory Watson, Joseph Addison, Shayne Ehman, Uri Korn, Arnel Henry, Christian Patterson & Cameron Wittig.

  • Argentinian Asses

    Rodolfo is a photographer who lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Animal Town

    "These are some of the cats I've seen behind windows in the streets of Flanders. They're everywhere, if you really look. At times I feel like I'm walking through a red-light district-the cats are like the whores."