Volume 16 Issue 9

  • Lars Von Trier

    Whenever Lars von Trier debuts a major film, he does it at Cannes. He explains his new work thusly: “I’ve entered my anal phase. Antichrist is just poop smeared all over everything.”

  • Acting Out At Home

    Photos by Richard Kern, Styling by Ben Sturgill at The Wall Group

  • Norman J. Warren

    Until the mid-1970s, British horror films tended to be camp, period rehashes of American horror classics in which hammy, top hat-wearing toffs would end up being killed by the big guys from the gore of yore.

  • Motion From Across The Ocean

    Len Lye’s fascination with movement and experiments with film and celluloid were like nothing that had ever been seen before the 1900s and it’s a little known fact that he produced the first ever music video.

  • Jack Bond

    Jack Bond rolled with Warhol and Magritte in New York and drove Salvador Dali into a rage. These days, he’s making a film that the French intelligence services have warned him may cost him his life.

  • Michael Winner

    Name another Brit filmmaker who cut pictures with Orson Welles, Marlon Brando, Burt Lancaster, Robert Duvall, Robert Mitchum and Sophia Loren. Struggling?

  • Roy Andersson

    Roy Andersson refused to follow up his commercially successful debut A Swedish Love Story and was, ironically enough, punished with a 25 year sentence of directing commercials.

  • Break Down The Walls!

    Television movies are rubbish, right? Well, if you were watching TV in Britain in the 1960s, the opposite would be the case.

  • The Demon Director’s Autopsy

    When Ingmar Bergman was 20 years old, he faced a fairly ordinary existential predicament: What’s a guy to do with a head full of thoughts he can neither comprehend nor control?

  • Records

    VITALIC Flashmob French disco warrior Vitalic takes a break from inventing the future to deliver his second long-playing masterpiece this decade, and the results are nothing short of

  • Dawn of Discovery

    Most people are familiar with SimCity, and anyone who's been playing PC games for a few years is bound to have heard of Sid Meyer's Civilization. Dawn of Discovery is a cross between those two games.

  • Les Blank

    The life and career of Les Blank each deserve to have a book or three dedicated to them, not just a puny interview in one issue of one magazine.