Volume 17 Issue 11

  • Vice Comics

    Mask: The Rocky Dennis Story

  • Bob Nickas

    Disclosure City: Bob Nickas was my boss at index magazine from 1999 to 2001. We’ve remained close friends since then. I thought about recusing myself from writing an intro here because this is basically a long interview with a friend.

  • Raymond Pettibon

    I’ve learned so much about drawing from staring at Raymond Pettibon’s work that I’ve completely assimilated his influence. Sometimes I’ll work for months, believing that I’ve reached a new level of creativity.

  • Artist Shoots Friend

    Some of our favorite artists talk about their favorite friends.

  • Georgina Gratrix

    A lot of Georgina Gratrix’s work is ugly, her major interests include bad painting, Paris Hilton, silly string, confetti, critical theory and pretty girls and boys. She also really likes painting. Georgina arrives at every party splattered in paint.

  • Vice Comics

    Zoophilian Lonelyness

  • Cameron Platter

    Cameron Platter lives in a small town just visible from Durban with his wife, his pug and his new born baby. It seems a peaceful existence, but meanwhile, in a secret laboratory deep beneath the surface, strange images are taking form.

  • Hermann Nitsch

    On first viewing the work of Hermann Nitsch, the uninitiated may wonder whether he’s a murderous psychopath who conned the art world into funding satanic rites and blood-drenched bacchanalia.

  • Vice Comics

    If These Eyes Could Talk

  • Marina Abramović

    Marina Abramović was recovering from her MoMA retrospective, “The Artist Is Present,” when we visited her at her home in upstate New York this past summer.

  • Agreement Is Not What We Look For

    Strangers to the art world may have come across the work of Cerith Wyn Evans in his collaborations with the director Derek Jarman. Together the two made videos for the Smiths, the Fall and the Pet Shop Boys in the 1980s.

  • Figures

    Photos by Richard Kern