Volume 19 Issue 7

  • My Life with Big Men

    In June 1993, CNN’s Africa correspondent Gary Striker wanted to interview Zaire’s ruler Mobutu Sese Seko about what amounted to a civil war in the southeastern part of the country while his army, unpaid for months, pillaged Kinshasa, its capital. I had...

  • Five Inches of Limbo

    These portraits are from Annie’s forthcoming self-published book, 'Five Inches of Limbo.' It was inspired by dolls found in junk stores and Margaret Atwood’s “Five Poems for Dolls.”

  • Self-Portrait as Yoda

    Unless we are all vaporized in the fiery doom of Quetzalcoatl’s return, stay cool till next summer.

  • Combover's Dream

    In honor of the VICE 2012 Photo Issue, this month's edition of 'Combover' features photos of Brett doing some puzzling things like swallowing a black cock and donning some strange bird-type mask in the forest.

  • A Better Place

    This selection of photos features shots of a spiderweb amid a backdrop of trees, a country landscape from an aerial view, and a home with a very active chimney.

  • Deflections from a Straight Path

    Photograher Peter Sutherland is a frequent contributor to VICE. This particular selection of photos captures colored light as it refracts, creating different patterns that make us feel at one with the universe.

  • Tough Love

    In this photo selection, Olivia Fougeirol captures what appears to be a rather stylish bum rocking sportswear and utility tape accessories outside of a gated storefront. Through the collage, which appears to be organized sequentially, you can see the...

  • What We've Got Is Gold

    This selection of photos from Romanian photographer Petra Herbert brings together portraits of strange Ed Hardy-clad dudes who wear tons of bling with inanimate treasures like bars of gold and trophies.

  • Nothing

    Danish-born photographer Asger Carlsen continues to perplex and titillate us with his elegant, yet grotesque images. This selection features confounding images like a bum whose head is part alley cat and a member of Snoop Lion's entourage who literally...

  • L'Union Fait La Farce

    Thomas Mailaender is Paris-based multimedia artist who started out doing documentation work. His past creations were focused on toying with the concept of typology and depicting "incidentally grotesque moments." This selection of images features weird...

  • Fusiforms

    These photos are previously unpublished outtakes from Yumiko Utsu's "Out of Ark."

  • Fun People

    Photographer Lele Saveri hails from Rome, but now he lives and works between Milan and New York. In the following selection Lele photographs a big man on a little bike, a short order cook with a Bela Lugosi face-tattoo, and other incredibly strange...