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How 'Political Fashion' Films Predicted 2017 in 2008

SHOWstudio's Nick Knight revisits 2008's prophetic ‘Political Fashion’ video series.


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A look at how music can transcend geographical boundaries into dancefloors across the globe.


Surprisingly, the Biggest Collection of Cold War Memorabilia Is in Los Angeles

The Wende Museum houses a treasure trove of more than 100,000 objects from the former Eastern Bloc, ranging from Stasi audio tapes to East German household cleaning products.


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We interviewed Owen Hatherley, author of a book about what happens to architecture when you get rid of capitalists and real estate agents.


High Level Talks and High Level Beats With Eastern Bloc

Nothing's quiet on the Western Front with this Wellington duo behind the decks


The French Punk Who Tore Down the Berlin Wall

This Saturday is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. We found the guy whose face made all the front pages the day after he was photographed smashing the shit out of it with a hammer.


Express Yourself With A Hacked Bike

Turn your nighttime ride Into an illuminated speech using an arduino micro-controler, an LED circuit, and a bike.