People Told Us the Dumbest Ways They Ever Hurt Themselves in Six Words

“Cut penis while trimming pubic hair.”
Anna Goldfarb

An ER Doc Explains How Not To End Up on Life Support

While young people are the least likely to think end of life wishes, it’s often young people who experience catastrophic injuries.
Dr. Blair Bigham
Disability Diaries

Cerebral Palsy Is Going to Kill Me (and Other Fun, Normal Thoughts)

No matter how much I try to control it, CP is this Regina George figure lording over my life, and I'm learning how to live with her.
Ryan O'Connell
helio castroneves

After this Crash, Helio Castroneves's Head is Still Attached to His Body, Somehow

How this happened, we don't know. We're just lucky his head's still attached.
Leander Schaerlaeckens

How 'Dance Dance Revolution' Helped Me Recover After a Gigantic Boulder Fell on Me

Back in 2000 I was the 'DDR' king of my local arcade. And then a gigantic rock almost crushed me to death.
Luke McKinney
Internet Exploring

Fetty Wap in Stable Condition Following a Motorcycle Accident

Fetty's gonna be all right!
Craig Jenkins
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch a Mortal Fell a God, or: How This Cameraman Took Usain Bolt Out with a Segway

Sometimes, the closest you ever get to greatness is running it over with a hands-free Segway.
Joel Golby

A Chemical Leak in Nova Scotia Has Sparked a First Nations Blockade

Tuesday morning, staff at Abercrombie Point pulp and paper mill in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, noticed that a pipe carrying raw effluent had sprung a leak and was spewing into the waters of Pictou Harbour. Now the First Nations community in Pictou is...
Miles Howe

The Case Against Cars

Driving is dangerous, causes pollution, and turns people into assholes on wheels.
Charles Davis
Really, Ryan?

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Six years ago today, I was hit by a car while walking across the intersection of Sunset and Yorba in San Francisco. Since then, I’ve had six surgeries, one skin graft, a three-week hospital stay, four casts, approximately 6,000 painkillers, a partridge...
Ryan O'Connell
Real-life Stories

Accidents Happen When You're an Idiot

It's Friday night and time for a fight, if you're the kind of drunk idiot who finds joy in starting fights. If you're just a normal drunk idiot, then you'll probably end up hurting yourself in some way or another tonight anyway. Read these stories to...
VICE Staff

Getting Crushed By A Cab Didn't Change A Thing For Johnathan Toubin

Johnathan Toubin is the New York soul DJ that made news last year when a taxi driver had a seizure and drove her ride into his first-floor hotel room and crushed him in his sleep.
Olivia Whittick