Insanely Good Dog Breaks Free at Baseball Game to Play Fetch with Fielder

What else would you expect to happen when you've got dogs and a lot of baseballs in the same place? Come on.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Judge Finally Rules That Dogs Are Not Kids

In the minds of the legal system, your dogs are not your kids but your property and if you pretend they are a grumpy judge might just straight up sell them.
Mack Lamoureux

'Alphabet Junction: The Bowl Truth,' Today's Comic by Brian Blomerth

Schmulie saves a life thanks to his fetish-friendly ceramic sculptures.
Brian Blomerth

Inside a Fetish Kennel in Upstate New York

A pup invited me to his sprawling "kennel" near the coast of Lake Ontario to photograph him wearing his functional fetish gear and get a rare look inside his pup haven.
Zak Krevitt

Tender Photos of an NYC BDSM Street Festival

At the annual fetish fair Folsom Street East in NYC, all of the kinksters came out to have some old fashioned fun in the sun, which, for a group used to dark bars, dingy hotel rooms, and makeshift dungeons, was a welcomed change of scenery.
Zak Krevitt

Photos of the Fastest Growing Furry Convention in America

Views from the Biggest Little Fur Convention, a four-day furry meet up in Reno that attracted roughly 3,500 members of the furry fandom this year. Photographer Zak Krevitt documented the anthropomorphic fun and got familiar with the various fursonas.
Zak Krevitt

Photos of Fetish Pups Frolicking at a Leather Convention

Photos of the Cleveland Leather Awareness Week, which draws in kinksters and a wide range of leather enthusiasts to socialize and engage in workshops focusing on pet play, rope bondage, electro-play, flogging, power exchange, and more.
Zak Krevitt

Photos of Pups Playing at a Leather Convention

Images from the Puppy Mosh Pit at Mid Atlantic Leather
Zak Krevitt

Young Gays Are Sniffing Out the Pup Life

In the dog-eat-dog world of San Francisco, everyone's letting their inner pup out with the latest wave of "human canine" parties and clubs.
Marke Bieschke

Wiener Dog Races!

With their tiny legs, you'd think wiener dogs (or dachshunds, if you're a fancy lad) would be slow. NOT TRUE. These little ankle-nibblers can probably run faster than you and your lazy dog put together.
VICE Staff
The Cute Show!

Surfing Dogs!

We all love dogs. But here at The Cute Show, we REALLY love dogs, and when you add in the fact that these dogs can surf... well, our cold little VICE hearts just about broke during this shoot. So please enjoy one of the most talent-filled episodes of...
VICE Staff