3D scanning


This Holographic Recipe Lets You Learn to Cook in Four Dimensions

You've never seen a banoffee pie recipe like this, kids.


3D-Scanned Bodies Stretch, Float, and Collide in a CGI Skydiving Music Video

For the music video for UK duo Shy Luv’s “Shock Horror”, French filmmakers Bif create a surreal animated skydive scene.


An Artist 3D-Scanned His Friend and Turned Him into a Bumbling Clone Army

What's more embarrassing than being turned into a crowd of sims?


Scan the World Preserves Cultural Artifacts By Scanning them into 3D Objects

A non-profit initiative wants your help to collect 3D scans of artifacts from around the world.


Boogie with a Bevy of Blockbuster-Grade CGI Dancers

Elegant silver, gold, and varnished wood get up and groove in Esteban Diánoco's mesmerizing animations.


How Replicas Could Save Threatened Artworks | Conservation Lab

Digital facsimiles ensure originals remain intact—but how do they affect the way we experience art?


Play Voyeur Inside an Artist’s 3D Selfie Archive

Vienna-based artist Martina Menegon takes intimate, elaborate 3D scans of herself to redefine the selfie.


3D Scans Transform Ancient Greek Sculptures into Rippling Neon Puddles

A 3D artist and a musician gave two pieces of Ancient Greek sculpture new, digital life in 'Tripping Ghosts.'


3D-Scanned Sculptures Create an Alternate Universe in this Short Film

The characters in ‘Night Stalker’ are thrust into a parallel 3D-animated world populated by eerie clay figures.


3D Printed Sculptures Bring Famous Portraits to Life

Daniel Warnecke’s sculptures put a 21st century twist on works by Van Gogh, Vermeer, Diane Arbus, and more.


3D Scanning the European Refugee Crisis

Watch 'Where Land Meets Sea,' a 3D-scanned tour of the impact of refugees on Lesbos.


Deconstructed Faces Look Like Skin Masks and Beehives | GIF Six-Pack

Trypophobes beware, Adam Pizurny's beehive image is frightening.