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3D-Scanned Bodies Stretch, Float, and Collide in a CGI Skydiving Music Video

For the music video for UK duo Shy Luv’s “Shock Horror”, French filmmakers Bif create a surreal animated skydive scene.
GIFs by Beckett Mufson

If Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin astonished people with human bodies turning into floating, meatless rubber sacks, then computational artist Albert Omoss popularized the visual effect with his falling squishy bodies piling on top of each other. On the lighter side of this VFX spectrum is a new music video for the eponymous track off of UK duo Shy Luv’s forthcoming Shock Horror EP. Directed by the French duo Bif, the video features Shy Luv falling in an endless skydive amidst gigantic women in swimsuits. Shy Luv’s bodies stretch and collide in a way that recalls Omoss’ work, but they also multiple and fill the sky as in Rene Magritte’s famous painting Golconda.


Bif tells The Creators Project that Shy Luv’s clones are like puppets traveling through a surreal landscape. These miniature clones discover inaccessible girls, which they describe as statues, during their endless jump.

​“CGI allowed us to create impossible camera shots, animate the duo and populate each scene the way we wanted,” says Bif. “We used the photogrammetry scanning system in order to recreate a perfect 3D model of each character.”

“The animation was mostly created using simulation,” they add. “By applying physics and dynamics forces we manage to get very interesting results. The band inflated like balloons were alive, diving in the sky in a very organic way.”

To create the raw material for the skydiving, Bif shot Shy Luv and the models performing against a blue screen. They used low angles, wide lenses and slow motion to enhance the impression of large-scale scenes.

"When we got the initial treatment for the video it made us hugely excited and helped us realize we wanted to give an edge of humor and fun to everything we do visually,” Shy Luv tells The Creators Project. “We found the whole day of shooting very surreal and overwhelming having so many people working towards the visual for our music.”

“It was a welcome opportunity for us to act silly in front of the camera and get an amazing end product out of it,” they add. “We had a ridiculous amount of fun making it with the directors and we think that really shows in the video.”


Shy Luv’s Shock Horror EP is set to be release February 17th on Black Butter Records.


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