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Activists in Lebanon Are Using Religious Tattoos as Protest Symbols

Even though many are not particularly religious, tattoos have become a way of showing solidarity.
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UK Spooks Involved in Controversial Police Training Scheme for Dictatorship

The government is refusing to disclose information about its training of the Bahraini police because security services are involved.
Phil Miller
The Restless Youth Issue

A Timeline of Youth in Revolt

The world’s youth have always found ways to stand up for what’s right.
Haisam Hussein

This 3D-Printed Tank Is the Answer to Everything

Artist Peter Mountain spent four years designing and building a massive tank jigsaw puzzle. Then he set it on fire.
Beckett Mufson

Powerful Photos of the Conflicts That Emerged from the Arab Spring Protests

We spoke to photographer Moises Saman about the work in his new book, Discordia.
Bruno Bayley, Photos: Moises Saman

Inside the Carthage Film Festival After the Tunis Suicide Bombing

Despite a suicide bombing hours before and a national state of emergency, Africa's oldest film festival carried on.
Kaleem Aftab

An Interview with Nawal el Saadawi, One of Egypt’s Most Badass Political Dissidents

Saadawi is the author of 56 books and has been imprisoned for her writing, which condemns how women have and continue to be treated in the Middle East. We talked religion, capitalism and the state of Egyptian politics.
Amelia Abraham

The Bahraini Uprising in Photos: Road Blocks, Tear Gas and No Right to Protest

Photography collective Road Bloc have been taking risks to depict the intense political unrest that has been unfolding in Bahrain for years.
Amber Roberts

From Rave to Revolution: How Pop Music Has Changed the World We Live in

Taking in acid house, Public Enemy and Pussy Riot, Matthew Collin's new book Pop Grenade tells the story of music's ongoing fight to change the world.
Max Daly
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'The Outpost' Is Trying to Bring Liberal Change to the Middle East

The magazine was founded in the wake of the Arab Spring, and its one of many initiatives trying to keep the movement's ideals alive.
Alberto Mucci

Photographing the Middle East in Peacetime

Photographer Jade Cantwell travelled through Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt in the months before the Arab Spring. Several years later, her photos are reminders of the lives behind the news reports.
Jade Cantwell
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Talking About the Arab Spring with the Director of 'We Are the Giant'

​Greg Barker's documentary takes an in-depth look at an exceedingly complex global phenomenon – the Arab Spring.
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