British Post Offices Politely Ask People to Stop Protest-Mailing Empty Crisp Packets

Concerned citizens have been mailing non-recyclable Walkers bags back to the company to urge them to change their practices.


The Details of That 'Corbyn Was a Commie Spy' Story the Papers Didn't Want You to See

This weekend, the Tory press accused Corbyn of meeting with a Czechoslovakian spy in the 1980s, but forgot to include some important information about the agent's credibility.


These Amazon Shoppers Ordered Some Plastic Bins and Got 65 Pounds of Weed

To apologise, the company reportedly gave the customers a £115 gift card.


Ground Control to Major Tom: The UK Is Getting Stamps in Honor of David Bowie

Got a friend in England? Get your stamp orders into them. Now.


Ex-Mail Room Worker Cuts and Pastes Envelopes into Otherworldly Office Space

Artist Sarah Nicole Phillips uses security envelopes to make collages based on office daydreams.


Meet the Former Biologist Who’s Literally Mailing Bullshit to People

Robert Bender says people are spewing more bullshit these days than they ever have before, so he founded a company that sends it right back at them.


Classic Video Gems Go Postal With Ireland's Latest Round Of Stamps

Ireland's postal system is cornering the demographic of gamers who still communicate with snail mail—and the result is awesome.


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THOUGHTS Dear Vice, I've really been enjoying Sam McPheeters's contributions to the magazine. A few years ago he wrote a column in Punk Planet about


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NO-JOKE-GETTIN’ MCGEE Dear VICE, I noticed the global trend report was missing from this year’s Fashion Issue. THANK YOU. THAT SHIT SUCKED. The writing was good, but the whole concept


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“CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ABOUT YOUR MAGAZINE” Dear Vice, I stumbled upon your site, VBS.TV, about a month ago and was pleased at the investigative-journalism pieces, such as The Vice Guide to Travel and


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My mom’s got a crush on Suroosh Alvi. I’m 100 percent sure it’s because of that VBS special he did about the gun markets in Pakistan. I’m Pakistani (so’s my mom, duh) and


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After canceling August's letters page due to a lack of decent submissions, the epistles started rolling in. We thank you, readers. And though the majority of them were terrible, a standout few were thoughtful and interesting. Most importantly, though...