Creator of DeepNude, App That Undresses Photos of Women, Takes It Offline

An app that algorithmically 'undressed' images of women was taken down by its creator, citing server overload and potential harms.


This App Uses Deepfake Technology Solely to Objectify Women

We hear from a programmer who claims they're behind the $50 DeepNude app, that 'removes' only women's clothes with a single click.


Why This Revenge Porn Activist Is Selling Nudes

The "tits to DEF CON" campaign, led by Badass Army, has already raised more than £8,800.


This Deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg Tests Facebook’s Fake Video Policies

A fake video of Mark Zuckerberg giving a sinister speech about the power of Facebook has been posted to Instagram. The company previously said it would not remove this type of video.


Researchers Can Make People Say Anything in Videos by Rewriting Their Words

Using text inputs, a team of machine learning experts edited videos of people to realistically form words they never said.


Watching AI Slowly Forget a Human Face Is Incredibly Creepy

This time lapse of a neural network with the neurons slowly switching off is a haunting experiment in machine learning.


Google Struggles to Justify Why It's Restricting Ad Blockers in Chrome

Google says the changes will improve performance and security. Ad block developers and consumer advocates say Google is simply protecting its ad dominance.


DIY Facial Recognition for Porn Is a Dystopian Disaster

Someone is making dubious claims to have built a programme for detecting faces in porn and cross-referencing against social media, with 100,000 identified so far.


It's Getting Way Too Easy to Create Fake Videos of People's Faces

Samsung researchers developed an algorithm that only needs one source image to create fake videos.


Adobe Tells Users They Can Get Sued for Using Old Versions of Photoshop

"You are no longer licensed to use the software," Adobe told them.


Who Killed the American Demoscene?

I went to Synchrony, one of the US's last active demoparties, where programmers showcase artistic audiovisual works made in marathon coding sessions.


We Are Not Prepared for the Next Generation of CGI Food

Yes, I will absolutely get this video game bread.