A series of articles designed to offer support to young people experiencing mental health issues.

How to Look After Your Mental Health as a Student

A no-bullshit guide covering alcohol consumption to study management.

Rianna Walcott

Mental Health Support from VICE

Here, you'll find suicide prevention helplines and a selection of VICE work that we hope can help you out.

VICE Staff

I’m Constantly Stressed That My Weekends Aren’t Fun Enough

How to deal with weekend anxiety.

Richard Morgan

This Mental Health Podcaster Told Me How to Deal with the Death of My Friend

I spoke to comedian Mike Brown about what it means to be a black man in search of therapy.

Noel Ransome

The More I Allowed Myself to Feel My Anxiety, the Less it Bothered Me​

My coping mechanisms had been avoidant behavior all along.

Sarah Watts

A Priceless Gift: Remember the Samaritans This Holiday Season

The charity is 65 years old and, in an era of mental health crisis, more crucial than ever.

David Hillier

How to Start Working Out When You Have Anxiety

The gym is an anxious person's nightmare.

K. Aleisha Fetters

Panic Attacks Aren't the Same for Everyone

In movies, the character who's having a panic attack clutches at his chest, gasps for air and then breathes into a paper bag to calm himself. But that's never been my experience.

Sarah Watts

This Is What Your Brain and Body Do When You Hang Out With Animals

Here’s everything we know about how pets affect your mood.

Nick Keppler

We Asked People How They Deal With Summer Depression

"The sun is a tyrant. It's a big, flaming ball of 'should'."

Carson Kessler

How to Know If You Need Therapy

The signs you should call for backup aren't always easy to spot.

Cindy Kuzma

All the Reasons You Shouldn’t Drink When You’re Depressedwhs

Alcohol also has a number of immediate and long-term negative effects that can exacerbate depression, which far outweigh any benefits.

Mark Hay