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Bookmark This Sandwich for the Next Time You’re Starving at 2 AM

It's the greatest late-night sandwich in the world. We promise. And so does chef Michael White.

by Munchies Staff
Mar 31 2017, 2:00pm

Late-night dining is a guilty pleasure that we all partake in from time to time… or four times a week, if we're on the same wavelength. I mean, hey—you go to happy hour, then you're off to a show, then you stop by a friend's house afterwards or get wrapped up in an impromptu Tinder date, and the next thing you know it's 2:06 AM, you're fucking famished, the taqueria is closed, the falafel place is closed, AND the bodega is closed. All is wrong with the world. You feel as though you might die of starvation in your sleep if you don't eat something very satisfying this instant.

But your cupboards have limited offerings within. What to do? What to stock in your fridge and pantry, so that next time, you don't have to resort to eating the tongue out of one of your leather shoes again?

Michael White of the Altamarea restaurant group may be a world-renowned chef, but he feels your pain. And he's got just the medicine: the ultimate late-night sandwich.

RECIPE: The Perfect Late-Night Grilled Mortadella and Cheese Sandwich

What goes into this wee-hour masterpiece, you might ask? Focaccia, lovely herbed focaccia if you have it, but any ol' bread will do when you're in the throes of desperation. Butter, of course, because butter is lovely. Mortadella for its fabulous fattiness, though prosciutto or other deli meats can substitute in a pinch. Mayo, hot sauce, black pepper, arugula (feel free to use other greens if need be), a fried egg if you're fancy, and here's the kicker: two glorious rounds of Babybel cheese.

It's the drunken witching hour. There is no pretense here—only delicious, squishy wheels of Babybel. Warm the mortadella in the butter. Assemble the sandwich. Heat the whole thing for a minute until the cheese begins to melt. The end.

Now you can go to sleep fattened and happy, and have nice dreams of the lovely, meaty, ever-so-satisfying sandwich that your lips just beheld. Sweet dreams.