Libra, November 2017

November is full of surprises.

by Annabel Gat; illustrated by Nicole Ginelli
Nov 1 2017, 2:00pm

Your ruling planet Venus is busy earlier this month, Libra! Some helpful and reliable information is going to come your way as a result of Venus's connection with Saturn on November 3. While there is a strong feeling of unpredictability in the air this month, Venus's helpful connection to Saturn does mean that at the very least you can trust that people are well-intentioned with their word.

Venus will oppose the planet of chaos, Uranus, on November 3 (or November 4 if you're on the East Coast). It won't be clear in the moment whether this is good, bad, or indifferent. Uranus is the planet of surprise, so we can never know whether or not things will go our way when it's involved. When Uranus is around, though, we can expect big changes. This could be exhilarating, unless you're clinging onto the past, in which case Uranus may bring some shocks your way. People are going to be in the mood to rebel, and this is an important time for you to open yourself up to more freedom and flexibility in your relationships.

Complicating matters even further is the fact that there's going to be a full moon in Taurus on November 3 (or, again, the 4th, depending on your time zone). This full moon will find you feeling very emotionally sensitive, and a climax around an issue concerning your sex life will arrive. Critical changes around finances—especially shared resources, debts, taxes, or inheritances—will also come to the fore.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 5, activating the sector of your chart that rules your mind and boosting your mental acuity and bringing information your way. You'll also find yourself connected with your siblings and exploring your neighborhood. These themes will continue to be a focus for you when the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21, kicking of Sagittarius season.

Venus enters Scorpio on November 7, bringing blessings to the financial sector of your chart. We think of Venus as being the planet of love and beauty, but it also rules value and money. While it's in resourceful Scorpio, you'll find yourself gaining access to resources you need as well as working out emotional issues you have around spending and saving.

The full moon will find you feeling very emotionally sensitive, and a climax around an issue concerning your sex life will arrive.

The new moon in Scorpio arrives on November 18. This is a wonderful time to work any money magic, or to commit to a new budget. One of the luckiest days of the month for you is November 13, when Venus meets Jupiter. A big paycheck could be coming your way—just make sure not to spend it too quickly, because Venus loves to shop, and Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, can have a hard time saying no.

The planet of structure and commitment, Saturn, makes a harmonious connection with wildcard Uranus on November 11, bringing exciting shifts in your relationships. This is a great time to take a risk—Saturn will have your back. Uranus is the rebel of the zodiac, and it's a very different energy from tradition-loving Saturn; however, when these two planets are working well together, amazing changes can take place! This will be a wonderful time to restructure a commitment, concept, or conversation. People will be reliable yet open to change.

Venus connects with Neptune on November 16, creating a fairytale atmosphere, as Venus loves romance and Neptune is a planet of fantasy. This won't just be a dreamy time for your relationships—you'll also find yourself very creatively inspired at work. It's a great time to make art. Your imagination is going to be flowing with brilliant ideas.

Aggressive energy will arrive in spaces you usually consider safe or private on November 19, when Mars squares off with Pluto. Avoid getting sucked into any power struggles on this date. Libra is known to be one of the nicest, most charming signs in the zodiac; however, when you need to be a bitch, you can be a bitch, and you might just find yourself needing to unleash that firey side today. It's an important time to be clear around your boundaries. Whenever Pluto is involved, we know that manipulation and shady behavior is a concern.

Venus makes a helpful connection with Pluto on November 21, which will help you tap into the side of Pluto that can aid you by bringing you new resources and information to create more security in your life. If you have any issues at home or with family, this is a very productive time to bring in a third party to help mediate.

Mercury connects with Uranus on November 25, and Mercury meets Saturn on November 27 (or 28th if you're on the East Coast), so the end of the month is certainly going to be exciting for you. A surprising conversation with a partner is going to take place, and some exciting ideas are going to be formed. Your mind is going to be especially sharp and focused. And while you are thinking up some very unusual ideas, you'll also be approaching the world very seriously. An important contract may be signed now, or you may find yourself connecting with an elder or mentor. Good luck this month, Libra. See you in December!