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'What's the Point of Going to School if We Can't Have Band?'

COVID-19 has left high school band programs in crisis, and some teachers worry their students might drop out altogether.
Drew Schwartz
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When Is the Artist Assistant Just the Artist?

As lines of art ownership grow increasingly blurred, the role, credit, and compensation of its makers becomes harder to define.
Eda Yu
The VICE Guide to 2030

Young Meme Makers Are Redefining What it Means to Be an Introvert

What happens when an introvert loves socializing online?
Shayla Love
The VICE Guide to 2030

For Many Young Trans People, YouTube Is a Mentor

As a trans minor, finding accurate information about the practicalities of living as a trans person can be difficult and overwhelming. YouTube has changed that.
Mary Retta
The VICE Guide to 2030

Why Gen Z Is Turning to Socialism

"It's much more stigmatized to say you're a capitalist, in my experience."
Marie Solis
The VICE Guide to 2030

The Promise—and Risk—of a Career in TikTok

For many young people, being a paid content creator on social media is the dream job. But it's not as easy as it may look.
Lauren Kaori Gurley

Getting Surgery? Your Doctor Is Probably Making a Playlist for the OR

I was worried my cancer surgeon would get distracted by Hall & Oates' "Maneater," but it turns out, most doctors crank a playlist.
Josh Modell
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18 R&B Songs That Make Up for This Unbearable Year

Thankfully, singers like Jhené Aiko, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Kehlani provided an escape for us this winter.
Kristin Corry

The Lockout: Why Uber Drivers in NYC Are Sleeping in Their Cars

Uber and Lyft's response to pay floor regulations was an algorithmic quota system that has become a dystopic rat race.
Edward Ongweso Jr
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12 Songs Ruined by Our Exes, Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Love-themed playlists are a sham. We know your ex left with your favorite hoodie, your heart, and that song you can no longer play on repeat.
VICE Staff
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2020 Dems Say They'll Protect Abortion Access. We Asked Them About Pills

We asked every Democrat who qualified for the debate about expanding access to medication abortion.
Marie Solis

In the 2010s, Getting High Became Even More Profitable and Terrifying

At the beginning of the decade, the online drug trade opened its floodgates. At the end, U.S. cities started decriminalizing magic mushrooms. This is how the last ten years turned the illegal drug industry upside down.
Max Daly