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ICE is force-feeding detained migrants on hunger strike to protest abuses

The federal officials at an El Paso jail are reportedly using nasal tubes to force-feed the protesters, some of whom are so weak they cannot stand up.


Zuckerberg’s private data revealed after using ineffective privacy settings at Senate testimony

The Facebook CEO failed to use the proper privacy settings to protect his private data from public eyes Tuesday


10 times more civilians died in Battle for Mosul than previously claimed, report says

The fight to liberate the Iraqi city of Mosul was one of the last and most significant victories in the Iraqi and U.S.-led coalition’s offensive against the Islamic State. But it came at a cost far greater than originally understood.


New Report Exposes How Schools Dismiss Rape as 'Hazing' or 'Bullying'

In an expansive investigation on student sexual assault, the Associated Press discovered about 17,000 official reports of sexual violence by students in grades K-12 over a recent four-year period.


North Carolina's 'Bathroom Bill' Could Cost the State More Than $3 Billion

The Associated Press's new analysis tallied up every major project that's been canceled in the state specifically because of HB2.


FBI Agent Posing as Journalist to Deliver Malware to Suspect Was Fine, Says DOJ

A review of the controversial operation concludes FBI didn't break policy, but rules are stricter now.


Hillary Clinton kept at least one important email from the State Department

A previously undisclosed exchange between Clinton and a top aide suggests she may have knowingly refused to give up some pertinent work-related emails.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Bernie Sanders denies Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in DC, Axl Rose asks Google to remove "fat" photos of him, and more.


Crying Jordan Photographer is Not Sad That the Meme Exists

"And it is funny. I'm sorry."


The Shrimp Industry's Slave Labor Problem Is Even Worse Than We Thought

A further investigation has revealed that global restaurants and stores—including supposedly conscientious retailers like Whole Foods—are also selling shrimp peeled by slaves.


A New Report Shows How Often Cops Sexually Assault Civilians

A new Associated Press investigation revealed that from 2009 to 2014, 1,000 police officers were stripped of their badges due to sexual misconduct