Broadband access


5G May Never Live up to the Hype

5G will provide faster speeds to urban users, but cost and widespread availability could remain stumbling blocks for many years to come.


FCC Says Gutting ISP Oversight Was Great For Broadband

Ajit Pai's FCC insists that ignoring consumers and gutting oversight of major ISPs dramatically boosted network investment. Reality suggests something else entirely.


A Community-Run ISP Is the Highest Rated Broadband Company in America

A Consumer Reports survey of 176,000 Americans finds that small, locally owned ISPs are routinely ranked higher than big telecom companies.


Study: Throwing Taxpayer Money at Giant ISPs Hasn't Fixed America’s Broadband Problem

Corruption and inaccurate maps have allowed ISPs to paint a rosier picture of the broadband picture than actually exists.


Verizon Forced to Repair Broadband Infrastructure It Has Literally Let Fall Apart

A new settlement requires Verizon to replace bad cable, defective equipment, and faulty back-up batteries—and to take down 64,000 double telephone poles or pole stumps.


These Guys Plan to Beam High-Speed Internet to Los Angeles From the Top of a Nearby Hill

The Los Angeles Community Broadband Project plans to use advances in wireless tech to compete with big telecom and connect the masses.


The FCC Officially Published Its Net Neutrality Repeal ... Now the Lawsuits Begin

The path forward is filled with lawyers and lobbyists.


FCC Report Claims the Broken Broadband Market Has Been Magically Fixed By Killing Net Neutrality

"To call these numbers a testament to our national success is insulting and not credible."


AT&T’s Push For A Fake Net Neutrality Law Begins In Earnest

AT&T wants an "internet bill of rights" that will enshrine a world without net neutrality.


More Than 750 American Communities Have Built Their Own Internet Networks

A new map shows that more communities than ever are building their own broadband networks to end big telecom's monopoly.


Montana Says It Won’t Do Business With ISPs That Violate Net Neutrality

"This is a simple step states can take to preserve and protect net neutrality."


If You Care About Net Neutrality, Run For Office

An influx of pro-internet politicians in city council seats, mayorships, and statehouse seats in the 2018 elections would help preserve the open internet.