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Chael Sonnen Gets Fired From "Celebrity Apprentice" for Acting Like Donald Trump

In true presidential fashion, the former UFC great ignores the rules and the facts.


Trump's Going to Spend His 'Leisure Time' Executive Producing 'Apprentice,' Apparently

"Presidents have a right to do things in their spare time or their leisure time, I mean nobody objects to that," Kellyanne Conway—an outspoken critic of Obama's golf game—said Friday.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hillary Clinton says fake news is a dangerous "epidemic," court docs tease Mark Zuckerberg's political ambitions, South Korean parliament votes to impeach President Park Geun-hye, and more.


Transcripts Reveal Weird Comments from 'Skin Man' Donald Trump

"She needs some serious fucking dermatology," the Republican presidential nominee said of one contestant on his TV show.


VICE Sports Q&A: Bill Goldberg. Will He or Won't He Return to the WWE?

Among many other things, former wrestler Bill Goldberg talks about whether he will return to the ring, what he thinks of Donald Trump and what it was like to be on Celebrity Apprentice.


Trump Wanted to Do a Season of 'The Apprentice' that Separated Teams by Race

Trump knew the idea was "fairly controversial."


A Brief History of MMA Fighters on Reality TV

With NBC announcing that Chael Sonnen will be appearing on Celebrity Apprentice yesterday, we delved into the murky world of MMA fighters appearing on reality TV.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Taking Trump's Place on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

The former governor of California takes over from the presidential candidate as the host of a show about people yelling.


Donald Trump Could Be Losing As Much As $78.5 Million For Pissing Off Mexicans

Since lambasting Mexico and Mexican immigrants, Trump has lost million-dollar deals with NBC, Univision, Televisa, and Carlos Slim's Ora TV — not to mention a Latino-owned brewery in Chicago that sent beer to a Trump Tower bar.


RIP Joan Rivers

If there’s a lesson to learn from Rivers' life in this age of basic bitches and thinkpieces, it’s to fuck decorum and stay lowbrow.