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Germany just told Facebook to stop tracking users around the internet

"Facebook will no longer be allowed to force its users to agree to the practically unrestricted collection and assigning of non-Facebook data to their Facebook user accounts.”


Is Sidewalk Labs Building a Brotopia on Toronto's Waterfront?

The details of a Google affiliate's billion-dollar real-estate project are shrouded in secrecy.


Here are all the questions Zuckerberg promised lawmakers his "team" would answer

"Will the people who banned conservative vloggers Diamond and Silk be held accountable in any way?"


The Hidden Power of the Privacy Policy, the Text We All Ignore

The recent saga Evernote faced with its privacy policy proves the document’s necessity. But did you know there’s no single federal law mandating its use?


Germany Says Facebook's Collection of WhatsApp Data Is Illegal

But Facebook insists it complies with EU data protection law.


New ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Law Will Feed Russia’s Mass-Surveillance Machine

Companies will be forced to retain months of customer data for Russia’s creepy mass-surveillance system.


Your Boss May Be Able to Track If You're Trying to Get Pregnant

Large companies can now obtain employee health information from big data companies, including when and if they've stopped filling their birth control prescriptions.


This New 'Secure' App for Journalists May Not Be Secure At All

Experts say Reporta doesn't follow best practices.


This Art Installation Shows Just How Easily People Part with Personal Data

Especially when they’re promised some fun in return.


A New Standoff Has Emerged as the Future of Patriot Act Is in Flux

Key elements of the Patriot Act are set to expire, but Sen. Mitch McConnell may avoid a vote on its future and just extend it.


These Guys Will Hack Your Phone to Reveal Who It's Secretly Sending Information To

Tech journalist Geoff White and ethical hacker Glenn Wilkinson show audiences how to take cybersecurity into their own hands.


Looking Up Symptoms Online? These Companies Are Tracking You

The vast majority of the internet's health sites are sending troves of data about your medical searches to corporations.