data viz


Artists Turn Skateboarding Tricks into Awesome 3D-Printed Sculptures

Using tracking electronics and software, artist Paul Ferragut of Convivial Studio is turning skateboarding tricks into works of art.


The Planet "Breathes" Like We Do in This Stunning Map

A data visualization turns numbers into a gorgeous map of our planet's life cycle.


Data Viz Charts the Rise (And Fall) of Pokémon GO

Kirell Benzi deconstructs the hype around the viral sensation of the summer.


Predict Winds to Come with a Climate Data Visualization Tool

FutureEverything and Moritz Stefaner team up with climate scientists to create a wind predicting weather tool.


This Is the Sound of Nature Gone Digital

Ambient recordings transform into synthetic organisms in Andy Thomas latest visual sound art piece, 'Synthetic Nature.'


Bullet Casings and Magnets Make Magic at a New Exhibit

If Steve Jobs was born in Mad Max times, this might be what the Macintosh looked like.


How Refugees Are Changing "The Face" of the Netherlands

In a compelling reimagining of data viz, Jeroen van der Most shows the effect 100,000 Syrian refugees has on the averaged face of the Dutch citizen.


See China's Air Pollution as Robotic Origami

Artist Jiayu Liu's latest installation turns complicated data into mesmerizing movement and light.


This Is What $15.3 Trillion of World Trade Looks Like

Two data visualisation researchers have created a site that maps out the entire world's production of goods.


Your Dating Insecurities Are Big Data Artists' Paint

Beautiful visualizations of human life emerge in the works of data artists Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg.


See Every Selfie on Instagram in One Interactive Installation

The #selfie clock never stops counting.