David Cameron


What We Know So Far About the Bahamas Leaks

The leaked files reveal details concerning the offshore activities of prime ministers, governmental advisors, members of royal families, and convicted criminals.


Gerry Adams says Brexit could lead to Northern Ireland leaving the UK

VICE News traveled to Dublin to meet Ireland’s most infamous politician, Sinn Féin party president Gerry Adams, to talk about how Brexit will impact Northern Ireland.


The man who led the Brexit campaign is now Britain's chief diplomat

Former mayor of London Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has a reputation for gaffes and controversy, and had just been kicked out of the race to lead the Tories.


David Cameron is out, Theresa May set to become UK Prime Minister

After a formal power changing process with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, the Conservative politician will become Britain's new head of government.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, members of the New Black Panther Party will bring arms to the Black Unity rally in Cleveland, President Obama is hosting a meeting today with civil rights activists and police, and more.


Here’s what World War II veterans say about Brexit

Campaigners on both sides of the Brexit campaign appealed to World War II history (and Winston Churchill) to make their case.


Fuck You David Cameron, But Also Thank You for This One Remix Meme

Finally, someone has remixed his "Doo doo doo, thank you very much" ad lib into a squelchy electronic banger.


It looks like Theresa May is going to be the UK's next prime minister

Conservative politician Andrea Leadsom withdrew her name from the race on Monday, leaving party rival Theresa May as the only remaining candidate to become the head of Britain's government.


Explaining Brexit to the Rest of the World

Everyone in the UK is pretty on edge right now. Here's why.


Anti-EU leader Nigel Farage quits after winning Brexit vote

"During the referendum campaign, I said 'I want my country back'. What I'm saying today, is, 'I want my life back,' and it begins right now," Nigel Farage said upon announcing he is stepping down as leader of UKIP.


Why did Britain's North vote to leave the European Union?

VICE News went to the North of England to speak to people about the outcome of Brexit and find out if claims of racism and bigotry informing the vote to Leave were accurate.


Having 'no charisma' isn't stopping Michael Gove from a bid to lead the UK post-Brexit

His 13-page campaign speech was delivered on the heels of Thursday's blood bath, in which Gove stabbed his old friend Boris Johnson in the back and decided to run for prime minister.