Deleted Scenes


The Grape Witches of Toronto Want to Lure You Into Their Beer Lair

"Come little winos, I'll take thee away..."


This Citrusy Beer Cocktail Is Perfect for Humid Summer Weather

In this deleted scene from 'Beerland', Abigail Gullo shows us how it's done.


Watch a Deleted Scene From Tonight's Episode of 'Huang's World'

Eddie's in Hawaii, eating purple pancakes.


Watch a Deleted Scene from Tonight's Episode of Huang's World

Eddie's in Tokyo, copping vintage Polo.


Here's a Newly Released Scene from 'Game of Thrones' to Distract You for a Minute

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Why My New Season of 'HUANG'S WORLD' on VICELAND Is Going to Be the Best Ever

Look out for deleted scenes from 'HUANG'S WORLD' releasing every Tuesday up until the launch of the show on VICELAND, April 28 at 10 PM.


Let out Some Tension with a New Song from Deleted Scenes, "House of Dust"

Deleted Scenes share "House of Dust," from their upcoming album 'Lithium Burn.'


Michael Holden's Deleted Scenes - Topless Takeaway Takedown

Never underestimate the power of shirtlessness in a mostly shirted situation.