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Your Moon Sign Horoscope for July's Full Moon Eclipse

Find out what July's lunar eclipse in Capricorn has in store for you, according to your moon sign.
Annabel Gat
Randon Rosenbohm
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How This Week's Intense Eclipse in Leo Will Break and Remake You

The supermoon eclipse in Leo will make you rethink everything—there's no turning back now.
Annabel Gat
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How This Week's Solar Eclipse and Multiple Retrogrades Will Affect Your Sign

This summer's many retrogrades will have us looking to our pasts, but eclipses also beg us to push forward. How will this impact your sign?
Annabel Gat

Ethereum Was 'Significantly Less Secure Than Bitcoin' Until Last Month

Eclipse attacks on the Ethereum network were a critical security vulnerability that could "be run by any kid with a machine and a script.”
Daniel Oberhaus
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Weekly Horoscope: February 12 - 18, 2018

Get ready for the solar eclipse on Thursday.
Randon Rosenbohm
Annabel Gat

How Much the Super Blue Blood Moon Will Ruin Your Life, Astrologically Speaking

Eclipses are considered times of intense drama and abrupt endings. Will a supermoon eclipse be worse?
Sarah Lyons
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A Franciscan nun is leading a fight for solar energy in Indiana

A Franciscan nun is leading a fight for solar energy in Indiana
Arielle Duhaime-Ross

'The Eclipse,' Today's Comic by Leslie Stein

Leslie spreads some cheer by giving out eclipse glasses to bar patrons and onlookers on her way to the park.
Leslie Stein
staring at the sun

More Ways To Wreck Your Eyes Without Even Thinking About It

Most eye damage happens when you don't even realize it.
Michael Byrne
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Watch Our President Stare Directly into the Sun

The VICELAND hosts discuss what Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson declared the "most impressive thing any president's ever done."
Sarah Bellman

Scenes of the Eclipse Across Two Cities

Photographers Jackson Krule and Alex Flynn captured the awe of onlookers both in and out of the path of totality.
Jackson Krule
alex flynn
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump deepens US involvement in Afghan War, Spanish police kill Barcelona suspect, Houston man accused of trying to blow up Confederate statue, and more.
VICE Staff