Congress Just Voted to End President Trump’s Border Emergency — Again

But Trump could just veto the move — again.


Another Republican Senator Who Snubbed Trump Could Be in Trouble

Thom Tillis had the nerve to buck the president. Now his seat—and the Senate—are on the line.


Jon Ossoff Is Running for Senate in Georgia, But Some Democrats Worry He Can’t Deliver — Again

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“Formal Impeachment Proceedings” Have Begun. Here’s What That Really Means.

It's the first time Jerry Nadler has said it publicly, and it could change the game


Blame Mitch McConnell, Not Trump, for Not Doing Anything About Guns

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“You lied”: Watch Sen. Hirono tell Barr to his face he should resign

After four hours of testimony, things got spicy.


Let's check in on the Senate, shall we?

Sen. Mike Lee, a Utah Republican, showed pictures of Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor as part of a diatribe against the Green New Deal.


The Senate just passed a bill to kill Trump's national emergency

12 Republicans joined Democrats to pass a bill Trump has promised to veto.


The Senate just voted to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen

“This is a direct response to the Khashoggi killing”


This teen who self-vaccinated just ripped his mom’s anti-vaxxer beliefs in front of Congress

"I went my entire life without numerous vaccines against diseases such as measles, chickenpox or even polio," the 18-year-old from Ohio said.


Senate Republicans are pushing to get judges confirmed faster — just as Trump faces an onslaught of lawsuits

Senate Republicans are aiming to cut debate time for most of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominations to just two hours — down from 30.


The Senate will vote on competing bills to end the shutdown. Both are likely to fail.

Neither bill is expected to pass the 60-vote threshold.