Shot By Kern

    • 7.23.12

      Los Angeles

      Kern visits sunny Los Angeles and rounds up a bevy of California girls, including two soft-core porn stars who enjoy putting their tongues in between each other's toes.

    • 7.6.12

      New York City & Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

      A pair of sisters who have no problem being photographed while showering together in their mom's house.

    • 6.29.12


      Finding yourself in a place where each girl is hotter than the next is harder than you'd imagine.

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    • 6.22.12


      Two stunning and relatively hairy girls show us why being unshaven is the latest craze in Stockholm.

    • 6.15.12


      Chatting to Danish girls about erotic asphyxiation and masturbating with a shower head.

    • 6.8.12

      Czech Republic

      Pointing out all the big-breasted Eastern European girls on the streets of Prague.

    • 6.1.12


      Meet Poland's most perfect boobs.

    • 5.25.12


      Two of the bounciest girls in Russia make out in a pond while Richard reminisces about his indecorous adventures live on Russia Today.

    • 9.17.11

      In Canada - Toronto

      Kern returns for a special visit to Toronto to shoot three Canadian girls who are very naked and very candid about their least favorite body parts.