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Noisey News

Weezer Continue to Bless the Rains, Perform "Africa" on 'Kimmel'

Toto keyboardist Steve Porcaro joined the band on stage to crush a keyboard solo.
Alex Robert Ross
It's a Feeling

How ‘Africa’ by Toto Became the Internet’s Favorite Song

Somehow, this cheesy, emotional tune, which turns 35 this year, inspires unironic, almost undivided adoration across the web.
Jessica Furseth
New music

Whitney's Unreleased Demo "You and Me" Is Smoother Than Smooth

It's the first single off an upcoming demo compilation out November 10.
Phil Witmer
thump news

Some Diehard Fan Made a Supercut of Songs Sampled by Daft Punk

Let this eight-and-a-half minute video inspire your next DJ tribute night or chores playlist.
THUMP Canada Staff
Deep Ass Questions

Do You Want to Make Friends with Dogs? Play Reggae

Science has proven this correct, don't argue with science.
Phil Witmer
Holy Shit

Behold! Thundercat Resurrects Yacht Rock with "Show You the Way"

Featuring gods of smooth Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins.
Phil Witmer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Smash Mouth Performed "All Star" on TV and You Have Never Seen a More Ecstatic Middle-Aged Audience

2k16, the year of Smash Mouth continues.
Lauren O'Neill

Montreal Band Vesuvio Solo Are Smoothly Strange on "Mirror Held to the Flower"

We have their new single and an interview with them about dogs and murder.
Dominic Berthiaume

Chillax in Bi-coastal R&B Band adhoc's Smooth "Paradise Loft"

You want chords? You want grooves? You want raps? Well, here you go.
Phil Witmer
VICE Premiere

Los Angeles Police Department's New Single Is Loving and Gentle

Unlike the actual LAPD, Ryan Pollie's work is thoughtfully nuanced and slow, much of it about the fleeting security of love.
Charlie Ambler