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Airbnb's Gentrification Problem

On today's episode, we discuss the impact of Airbnb rentals on vulnerable New York neighborhoods.
VICE Staff

Sober People Show Us Their Best Booze-Inspired Phone Notes

"It says, 'The cookest cooked book—blazed cooking recipes.'"
Samantha Howard

Red Wine Stains Are a Thing of the Past with This Wine-Repellent Shirt

Never again fear the red wine stain.
Daisy Meager
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Airbnb Is Politely Asking Its Hosts Not to Be Racist

The company is trying to keep hosts from discriminating against renters by having users agree to a "community commitment," as well as getting rid of profile photos.
VICE Staff
daily vice

Watch: Inside the Real 'Silicon Valley' House

We take a tour of 20 Mission, a dorm-style apartment complex in San Francisco where tech developers live, work, and party together under one roof.
VICE Staff
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There's More than Just Cow Meat in Your Burgers, Says Disgusting Study

Fresh or frozen, beef or vegetable—it's all contaminated.
Helen Donahue

When San Francisco's Tech Bubble Crashes, Will We Party in Abandoned Start-Ups? Dubtribe Thinks So

We caught up with the iconic live rave outfit to hear about the changing tides of their beloved city, and what the future might bring.
Greg Scruggs

Talking Tags and Technology with Legendary Producer and Graffiti Artist Goldie

Goldie, arguably the most famous drum 'n bass and jungle producer to ever do it, just launched a graffiti app called ARTA. The artist wants it to honor the tradition and history of tagging, while also modernizing its culture.
Zach Sokol
The Artist

The Artist Gets a Tech Job in This Week's Comic from Anna Haifisch

There's a wireless printer in the smoothie room and an in-house sushi chef.
Anna Haifisch

A (Silicon) Valley Grows in Algeria

Young entrepreneurs are hoping to break Algeria's tenuous dependence on oil by starting new businesses and expanding the Algerian marketplace.
Elizabeth Nicholas

San Francisco Is an Urban Winemaking Heaven

Urban winemaking is just what it sounds like: making wine in a city, not the country. Yet for some reason, the idea that wine can be made in the same space as an office building confounds people. But around the country in cities like San Francisco...
Brent Crane