Stone Cold Steve Austin


Stone Cold Steve Austin Revealed All of His Beer Drinking Secrets

If you’re planning on shotgunning a dozen beers and then wrastlin’, make sure you do it on a full stomach.
Nick Rose
short circuit

Podcasts Are Group Therapy Sessions for Pro Wrestling Fans

It’s not easy for adults to openly discuss their favorite pastime in the real world.
Nicholas Deleon
Craft Beer

All the Ways Craft Beer Got Weird This Year

Even with our appreciation for the truly obscure, we couldn’t fathom how brewers came up with some of the crazy brews that we featured this year. Stag semen chocolate stout, anyone?
Javier Cabral
battle of the billionaires

Donald Trump, Unlikely WWE Babyface and Cultural Mega-Heel

Donald Trump approaches politics as pro wrestling, and has plenty of WWE experience. From giving away Vince McMahon's money to taking a bump, he was right at home in the ring.
Ian Williams
Craft Beer

We Talked to Stone Cold Steve Austin About His Skull-Breaking New Beer

When not taking steel chairs to the face, it turns out that Stone Cold Steve Austin likes to gently sip on West Coast-style craft IPAs. So he made one to reflect that.
Javier Cabral
desperate times and desperate measures

Some Notes On A Very Bad, Very Strange Monday Night Raw

At three overblown hours, WWE's "Monday Night Raw" is almost always a heavy lift. But Monday's overstuffed, cameo-crammed installment was bad in a new ay.
Ian Williams
VICE vs Video games

‘WWE 2K16’ Slams Its Predecessor, But Is This Wrestling Game Perfection?

With last year's game failing to satisfy wrestling fans, "2K16" has to pull out every signature move in the book to make amends.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

These Are the Best Goddamn Wrestling Games Ever

From "SmackDown!" to something entirely more wild, here's the best of the games based on those men and women who like to cuddle each other aggressively.
Dr. John F. Robertson
Competitive gaming

Gamer Enters Ring Like Stone Cold Steve Austin

A competitive gamer entered a tournament doing a damn near perfect Stone Cold Steve Austin impression.
Sean Newell

Professional Wrestling Has Been Ruined By Ego and Bureaucracy

After years on top, WWE feels more repetitive and stale than it has for decades.
James Nolan
New music

Life Is Meaningless, But Here's a Write-Up of the New Lil Wayne Song Anyway

Plus it made me dig up, like, ten videos of Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Drew Millard