• 10.31.19


      The man responded exactly as they said he would, his eyelids growing heavy, before, against his will, he closed them.

    • 10.28.19

      What Lasts

      When the world ends, what kind of stamp will humans leave on the planet?

    • 9.30.19

      Blue Dusk

      On a colonized Mars, a scientist and a revolutionary grapple with whether to stay, or to fight.

    • 9.10.19

      Another Happy Superwally Employee

      An excerpt from the new near-future speculative fiction novel, A Song for a New Day.

    • 9.5.19


      Behold: the augmented reality-enabled, government-mandated end of racism.

    • 8.8.19

      The Installation

      A horrifying, dystopian science fiction short that imagines the future of big pharma.

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    • 7.18.19

      Seeking a Contemporary Education for My Daughter

      Welcome to the future of private education.

    • 7.5.19


      A near-future fairy tale about a long journey, a drone, and a family border separation.

    • 6.27.19

      Sense of Direction

      Behold the next evolution of map apps—a realtime geolocation map that respond to your memories, regrets, and fears.

    • 6.20.19

      The Portal

      Your job sucks, debt sucks, the present sucks. And now this portal opened up on aisle four. Would you jump through?

    • 6.13.19


      When at last the aliens spoke to us, the first thing they did was apologize.

    • 6.7.19

      The Cruise

      In the era of climate crisis, a new kind of voyage awaits.