How to Be a Drag Queen Without Hurting Yourself

Drag can sometimes be more like an extreme sport for the performers.


People Are Injecting Their Scrotums With Saline to Get Huge Balls

A scrotal inflation is a temporary body modification that results from saline—and in some cases air—being used to fill the scrotum.


PSA: The Word 'Avocado' Once Meant 'Ballsack'

Would you like some mashed testicles on your toast?


Man Doubled Over in Pain When Handball Gets Extremely Fucking Literal

Handball. You've got a hand and (at least) one ball. Hand. Ball. Handball.


I Botoxed My Balls to Make Them Look Nicer

Like a couple of smooth, round river rocks swaying in a silk handkerchief.


Man Wins $870,000 Settlement After Surgeon Removes Wrong Ball

What is the price of one healthy testicle? Almost $1 million, apparently.


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This is What it Looks Like When You Get Cricketed Right in the Dibbly-Dobbly

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'He Had Tried to Have His Testicles Removed on the NHS'

A metaphysical meditation on the meaning of life, told in the form of the spiritual awakening of a man who wanted to be a woman in Britain.


Nose to Tail and Head to Balls: Eating Every Part of the Animal at a Brazilian Meat Feast

“When an animal kills another one to feed himself, he doesn’t have preferences," says Ariel Argomaniz, one of several chefs who recently gathered to cook an over-the-top nose-to-tail feast in São Paulo.


How to Eat Testicles

Fried testicles look a bit like round slices of ham, and have that same structure. They are crisp and brown on the outside, with meaty flavors and softness on the inside.