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Natasha Bedingfield Still Wants You to Feel the Rain on Your Skin

As 'The Hills' returns, the woman who penned its theme song reflects on the seminal hit that is "Unwritten."
Caroline Moss

Netflix's ‘Selling Sunset’ Reminds Me Why I Love Shows About Nothing

It’s like ‘The Hills’ but with real estate porn.
Manisha Krishnan
This Week in 2007

Spencer Pratt Reflects on His Iconic Feud with Lauren Conrad 10 Years Later

What began as a sex tape rumor snowballed into a reality TV war that dominated pop culture for the next two years.
Mitchell Sunderland

How I Threw a Party and Made It Into a Career

Partying shouldn’t be about having to deal with an asshole bouncer or finding your name on a list, and it shouldn’t be about entrance covers. It should just come down to if you’re cool, have a good attitude, and wanna have a good time.
Jeremy Fall
Objectively Correct Lists

Haunted House of Balloons: Analyzing the Weeknd's Horror Obsession Through His Videos

Suspiria, The Shining, Jeepers Creepers, oh my!
John Semley

Why Does Everyone Think Women Only Like The Weeknd Because They Want to Sleep with Him?

Women may appear in his songs less like actual people and more like cautionary tales, but that doesn’t mean we can’t heavily relate to his themes.
Emma Garland

Heidi Montag Liveblogs 'The Hills' 10th Anniversary Special

In honor of the 10th anniversary special episode of the iconic MTV reality show "The Hills," former cast member Heidi Montag—who does not appear on the special—is liveblogging the television event, starting at 9 PM EST.
Heidi Montag
The Hills

Heidi Montag: I'm Liveblogging 'The Hills' Reunion Tonight on Broadly

Heidi Montag

A Guide to LA's Most Notorious Celebrity Landmarks of the 2000s

The definitive guide to the salon where Britney Spears shaved her head, the club that refused Tara Reid entry, the house where Lauren Conrad shed one mascara tear, and other historical landmarks.
Pop Culture Died in 2009

'Bad Girls Club' Twins Sue Producers, Claim They Set Up Violent Attack

Everyone knows reality TV isn't real. Two women who recently appeared on the Oxygen show claim they learned the hard way.
Gabby Bess

Kelly Cutrone on Being 'Really Pyscho' in Her New Hollywood Film

The fashion legend (and Lauren Conrad’s former boss) discusses her upcoming role in a Terrence Malick film, the existential peril of Los Angeles, and Rosa Parks.
Rod Bastanmehr
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Head over Hills: The Undying Love Story of Heidi and Spencer Pratt

In the mid-2000s, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt gained widespread notoriety by playing the villains on 'The Hills.' After spending five months with the two, we quickly learned their love was never mere tabloid fodder.
Mitchell Sunderland